About Mad Scientist

In the Mad Scientist slot game the world is introduced to our very own modern day mad alchemist. The mad scientist is a genius science professor who performs amazing experiments in his secret underground laboratory. This 3D slot game brought to you by BetSoft Gaming invites you to take a peek in to the mad, mad world of the Mad Scientist courtesy of the Mad Scientist slot game. Here players are able to carry out some pretty cool science experiments for the sole purpose of creating gold out of normal, everyday laboratory items.

The Mad Scientist slot gives the player a firsthand experience of a laboratory of a scientist. The experiments are fun to carry out, and the 3D slot game is not only exciting to play but also gives out some amazing payouts and various other rewards as the player progresses through the various stages and helps the Mad Scientist create gold from various items that appear on the reels. The payouts and rewards however all depend on the type of bonus one gets and your luck.

The Mad Scientist slot takes place in a laboratory which provides the players with a truly immersive experience. Players can see Dr. Prescott, our friendly neighborhood mad scientist who can be seen at the bottom left corner of the screen along with his test tubes and other cool laboratory equipment. Then there’s the various buttons which will be used throughout game play. These will be the buttons that the player is going to use whenever they want to determine the number of lines on which they want to place their bets. The buttons also let you control the value of the coins you are going to use in your bets and also your bet-per-line options. The ability to toggle between the various values helps players decided when they are placing their bets before they hit spin.

As you may have guessed it by now, the game is heavily themed around the Mad Scientist concept, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. One of the more interesting aspects of the Mad Scientist slot game comes from the “mad” plan behind our scientist’s intentions, which also happens the most entertaining aspects of the Mad Scientist 3D slot game. Keeping the whole theme behind the Mad Scientist slot game in mind, it can be said that the scientist puts fun into creating gold for himself and money for the player.

The whole idea of turning everyday objects and tools used in a laboratory into gold is a novel idea which is one of the many reasons that keep the player interested in the slot game. Another aspect of the Mad Scientist slot game which makes for an interesting game play is the graphics that have been used in the game. Even the various laboratory tools and objects that are displayed on the reels have been designed incredibly well, which jumps out of the screen and makes them attractive to look at.

Apart from the incredible graphics that have been used in the game, our mad scientist is quite the character also. Although being the player’s sidekick in the game, the mad scientist always looks eager to celebrate the ups and downs of the player all throughout the entire game play. Dr Prescott does this by almost mirroring the actions of the player as they win and lose the slot machine game. And his reactions seem to be infective too. After a while, you will find yourself cheering alongside the mad scientist each time you hit spin. It would not be wrong to say that the involvement of the Mad Scientist in game play is what makes the game so much more interesting for the player.

The player seems to share something in common with our Mad Scientist, and that is a dream. Both the Mad Scientist and the player share the same dream of turning the objects into gold for money. So, does the scientist and the player share the same dream? Well, there is only one way to find out. One thing you can bet on is that BetSoft, the developers of the game Mad Scientist have found a way to create a visually appealing game which manages to tick all the boxes as far as a great slot gaming experience is concerned.

Of course, the payouts that the players receive all depends on the amount of their bets. Players are able to view their payout options at the paytable of the game along with other valuable information that makes game play so much more interesting. The paytable is easily accessible from the menu by hitting the view pays button, making it easy for players to view the information they need such as the various symbols and their values. The highest payout which players can earn via line payouts is 1000 coins, which is given to those players who are able to get at least five symbols of the electricity balls on the same payline.

Apart from the cool aesthetics of the game, another crown puller for Mad Scientist is the abundance of special features that have been sprinkled throughout the game, such as, the Great Experiment, which can only be described as a game within a game. In the special bonus round, the player is able to win a very special prize, which is actually a surprise. However, according to Dr. Prescott, the undisclosed prize is so awesome that anybody would hit the roof with joy once they found out what it was.

This itself is enough to keep any player who loves to play online slot games hooked for hours on end, and it’s one of the reasons why BetSoft Gaming is considered as one of the best developers of casino games on the planet. The Mad Scientist slot game is full of prizes and surprises, making it one of the more interesting slot games out there. Besides that, casino fans are sure to love the way the graphics and the theme of the game blends in together to create an unmatched slot gaming experience that the players are certainly never going to forget.

The Mad Scientist game follows the theme of science unlike the other slot game which have been developed by BetSoft Gaming, but still, the gaming developers have managed to create a game which is both interesting and intriguing for the player, and is sure to keep the players engaged for a hell of a long time. The incredible payout percentage of the Mad Scientist slot game is up to 96%, which is a payout which is right up there with some of the best online slot games available in the market today, making this one of those slot games that is certainly going to be strongly recommended by those players who live and breathe online slot games.

The Mad Scientist select lines

Unique Storyline and Design

As mentioned earlier, BetSoft Gaming have managed to pull out a surprise with the new Mad Scientist slot game, providing players with an incredible way of attaining some big wins while enjoying the company of a truly unforgettable character in the form of the Mad Scientist, Dr. Walter Prescott. And apart from that, the cool graphics, the groovy background score and the incredible payouts is what makes Mad Scientist the gold standard when it comes to online slot games. The interesting storyline of the Mad Scientist slot game is another aspect which makes the game play so much more interesting than other slot machine games. The fact that one is expected to turn normal laboratory objects into gold is an interesting idea that anyone would be interested in. The mad scientist has already found the secret magic formula of turning items into gold, the only thing the player has to do is find the winning combinations that will do the magic. And luckily for the players, there are plenty of winning combinations in the Mad Scientist slot game along with plenty of features and bonuses that makes turning everyday laboratory objects into solid gold relatively easy.

The symbols which have been included in the Mad Scientist slot game are blackboards, glass bowls, test tubes and microscopes just to name a few. There are of course many objects that show up on the reels and all of them have been extremely well designed, making game play so much more enjoyable for the player.

Bonus Game Features

Basically, the Mad Scientist slot is a 5-reel, 20-payline game which allows players to bet between the options of one to five coins per betting line. The coin denominations range from $0.02 and $0.50, which gives the player a fair amount of control over the whole Mad Scientist game, which makes game play all the more interesting.

The object to the Mad Scientist slot game is to match the right symbols across the active paylines, starting from the first reel, from left to right. For example, if the player matches any three of the symbols that are on the reels, they can earn up to 50 credits on each coin that they wagered. Getting five of the same object on the reels means you can win up to 200 credits. So, the gist of the whole game is, the more you wager the more you win in the Mad Scientist slot game. The highest amount of credits a player can win in the Mad Scientist slot game is up to 1000 credits per coin wagered, which means that the player gets to go home winning the jackpot of up to $2,500. Now, is that a sweet deal or what?!

The best part about playing the Mad Scientist slot game is that BetSoft Gaming seems to have put their best foot forward by creating a slot game unlike any of their previous games. As in, the Mad Scientist slot machine game features both scatter and wild symbols which increases the player’s chances of winning. The wild symbol in the Mad Scientist slot game is the chalkboard, which substitutes all of the other symbols which are featured in the slot game, while the lever symbol is the scatter symbol in the game, and the player get to win a prize of up to 250 credits whenever they are lucky enough to get at least three or more of the lever symbols on the reels.

And then there are also the many bonus symbols that have been included in the Mad Scientist slot game and offer plenty of opportunities for the players to win big. The bonus feature are actually mini games that allow the players to pick up easy, free spins, multipliers and other additional prizes along the way so that they can win big while playing the Mad Scientist slot game. The bonus symbols in the active payline will unlock “The Great Experiment Bonus Round” which is a mini game within a game. This is where the player along with the mad scientist Dr. Prescott will get to try out the super secret formula of turning normal laboratory objects into solid gold and winning great prizes. Of course, you won’t be able to strike gold every time you play the “The Great Experiment Bonus Round” but you will however get to transform those laboratory objects into silver or bronze items which also allow you to win a reasonable amount for the effort.

The Tesla coils appearing on the reels on and five of the paylines 1,2 and 3 will trigger the special Wild’o’Cution feature. What the Tesla coils do is that they are able to shock the items on the reels, transforming them into wilds which then increases the chances of winning for the player as the wild symbol can be turned into any other symbol on the reels to ensure a win.

Another favorite feature of the Mad Scientist slot game is the “Bio-Pick-Me-On-Reels” bonus feature, which allows the player to win up to 125 to 175 extra credits whenever the player gets three or more of the biohazard symbol in the active paylines. Those credits are then multiplied by the number of lines and the bet per line to make you go home with a bigger winning cache.

A History of BetSoft Gaming

BetSoft Gaming, the brains behind the Mad Scientist 3D slot game is an award winning casino game developer that is responsible for some of the most interesting and well known slot machine games of our times. The games that are developed by the company are renowned throughout the entire online casino gaming industry, making BetSoft Gaming one of the leading developers of online casino games in the world. With state of the art graphics, a captivating background score, and an incredible storyline, the Mad Scientist slot game is sure to dazzle new players and keep old ones enthralled for the long haul, encouraging gamblers of all ages to come back for more everyday for the ultimate online slot experience.

Since 2005, BetSoft Gaming is been ahead of the curve when it comes to online casino games, and it shows. The gaming company has been striving to bring the best online casino games to the market, by giving gamers the full cinematic experience they won’t find any place else. Betsoft takes online gaming development very seriously, which is why it focuses on three main phases of game development which is the inception of an idea, the character development and the entertainment quotient of the game, which is their chief concerns. Over the years, BetSoft has been able to create some of the most fantastic looking games such as Monkey Money, which also featured a themed user interface, compelling sound effects and exciting in play gaming features which enhanced the entire online experience like never before.

By 2012, BetSoft Gaming was concentrating on developing even more complex online casino games for its burgeoning market. The result, their best in line, ToGo mobile slot games which were optimized for Android, Windows and the iOS operating systems, and brought something unique to the genre of online casino games. The best part about BetSoft Gaming is that they are always expanding and finding out new ways in which to bring more thrills to their customers. We saw this in such games as Greedy Goblins and Mr. Vegas just to name a few. The ToGo™ collection retains all the quality and the details of the original Slots3™ versions, bringing you the perfect mobile gaming experience no matter where you are. BetSoft Gaming has also been responsible for bringing to life some of the most interesting casino slot gaming characters such as Dr. Prescott in the Mad Scientist slot machine game, which makes the games so much more interesting for the players. Apart from that, the gaming developers have added up to 150 games to their collection, making them one of the largest developers of online casinos in the world, without having to compromise on the quality of the gaming experience.

The vast suite of premium quality slot games makes BetSoft Gaming one of the best options out there when it comes to developing entertaining casino games for an audience that are now used to seeing and playing cutting-edge games that will make your online casino experience a memorable one.