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All of us have a little mad scientist hiding in us somewhere. Even though we may not be plotting to take over the world or create some Frankenstein-ish monster, that doesn’t mean we don’t like to experiment in our lives, whether it’s eating something new for lunch at the café or trying a new drink at the bar. While that’s not quite exciting as transforming lead to gold, it’s in the same spirit wouldn’t you agree?

With the Mad Scientist slot game Betsoft has managed to put together the perfect concoction of what makes a winning online slot machine game. In Mad Scientist, players get to watch as the mad scientist runs a wide array of crazy experimentations in search for unlimited riches.

Follow along and try your luck at finding the right combination of ingenuity and chemistry that will earn you unlimited riches beyond your wildest dreams by playing our Mad Scientist slot game!

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Unique Character & Storyline

Our main character in the Mad Scientist slot game is Dr. Walter Prescott, the genius who’s dead set on creating normal objects into pure gold. Together, Dr. Prescott and the players get to figure out the magic formula and get in on the action as the evil genius turns objects into gold right before your eyes.

This incredible BetSoft powered slot features five reels of symbols that are normally found in every laboratory such as, blackboards, bunsen burners, test tubes, microscopes and even biohazard warnings (no animals are harmed in these experiments!).

The animations in this slot game are meticulously designed, making the game extremely enjoyable for the player. The entire interface of The Mad Scientist slot closely resembles a laboratory desk which is filled with a variety of weird potions and glass bowls, and in front of the desk is Dr. Prescott who jumps in excitement whenever you hit a winning combination.

This 5-reel, 20-payline 3D slot has everything you would wish for from, scatters, wilds, a click-me feature and even a second-screen bonus, which is brimming with amazing payouts.

An old, nerdy scientist, a secret laboratory, crazy experimentation to make gold, and loads of excitement and thrills. What more could you possibly ask for in an online slot!

A Very Pleasant Atmosphere

There are a lot of reasons why you should try out our Mad Scientist slots, the first reason is because of its amazing visual presentation. This game is beautiful to look at to say the least, with every aspect of this game perfectly created to evoke a sense of fun into the game. The borders are powered by electricity to shock the players. On the lower left corner of the screen the player gets to gaze at the chalkboard to find out the stats of their run. The virtual chalkboard contains important information on wins, balance and bets.

Of course, the titular Dr. Prescott, your friend in the game is perched at the bottom of the screen and in the center of the screen lies the meat of the game. Here you will get to see a number of colorful symbols that will present themselves for your approval. It should be mentioned that the animations of icons are the absolute best in the industry with no exceptions. In fact, the amazing design of the symbols alone is enough to evoke a range of emotions in the player, making game-play all the more fun for the player. Everyone of loves a good science fiction flick is sure to get a kick out of the Mad Scientist slot game.

The graphics of this game are well executed, which turns the game into a visual experience for the player, and the friendly face of the mad scientist brings life to the game as you yourself get to experience your eureka moment.

A spin of the slots is enough to make the hairs on your skin stand with excitement as you watch the electricity in the screen whiz by, creating a new substance in the process.

Betsoft - An Introduction?

Before we move forward here’s a bit of information on BetSoft, the creator of this amazing slots game. Having BetSoft in the credits means that the game is filled to the brim with loads of excitement because the software has been designed by a reliable software company like BetSoft. The online gaming company is a market leader in the industry and the company employs hundreds of experts whose only task is to make sure the development and production of their online slot games are of the best quality possible.

This is one of the major reasons why all of BetSoft games are extremely popular to the players. Apart from the incredible design of the games, BetSoft also manages to create realistic and challenging games which offer the players a real chance of winning prizes and getting unmatched excitement as well. This ensures that you are guaranteed a high payout percentage!

The best thing about BetSoft games is that they know what their players want and they know exactly how to provide it. And you get to have the same experience no matter whether you are playing the Mad Scientist slots on your mobile phone, your iPad, tablet or your PC.

Just because we love to play thrilling slot games on our handheld devices in the comfort on our homes does not mean we skimp on quality. BetSoft has taken the mobile gaming industry by storm and we allow you to experience all the thrills of their game right here without losing anything in translation from the big screen casino games.


Like most of the older versions of BetSoft games, Mad Scientist also offers a plethora of special features to the players which helps them to stay glued to their screens until they’ve hit the jackpot. The ‘wild’ icon subs of all other icons except for the ‘scatter’ or bonus game combinations. The players get to earn rewards up to 25o credits with the help of 3 or more ‘Switch’ symbols appearing anywhere on the reels along with the active paylines. Below are some other exciting features of Mad Scientist.


The Great Experiment

You can play our Mad Scientist slot and enjoy some very lucrative payouts with the “Great Experiment”, which is the second screen bonus feature. This feature gets automatically activated whenever a player lands 3 or more Beaker symbols on the reels. The second screen displays the Mad Scientist himself who gets ready to try out this new gold serum.

The player gets to select any four objects for testing. Once that’s decided, Dr. Prescott tests his gold serum on the objects. If the objects are transformed to bronze, silver or gold, you and the scientist are successful and you get paid accordingly.

Apart from the incredible aesthetics of the game, the biggest draw is the special features like “The Great Experiment”. While the nature of your prize if successful is always a mystery it only adds to the excitement and thrills of this amazing game. One thing’s for sure though, you are definitely going to jump in excitement along with the mad scientist.

The Wild’o’Cution

Another feature of Mad Scientist is called “Wild’o’Cution” and lives up to its name. This feature is able to automatically turn any symbols that appear on the reels into wilds and appears on the first and the last reels of the active payline. The event is triggered by hitting the right combination of symbols. For instance, if the Tesla coil symbol appears in the 1st or 5th reel on the first payline, up to three Wild’o’Cution can be triggered. When that happens, the coils go wild with electricity which in turn turns the symbols to a wild value. So, saying that this increases the player’s chances of winning is an understatement.

Bio Pick Me

This feature is activated whenever 3 or more ‘hazard’ icons fall in a single active payline. The player is then rewarded with 175 credit points and the player’s wins are multiplied by their bet-by-line. In real life situations the biohazard sign sends people running to safety, but not in Mad Scientist. Here, it would be wise for the player to run towards the Bio-hazard sign, mainly because if the player gets up to five of these symbols on an active payline then the ‘Bio Pick Me’ feature is activated. This feature instantly awards a significant number of extra credits to the player and adds on any existing players, which creates a great opportunity of winning for the player within a relatively short time frame. This is one of the reasons why this is the only special feature which gets our mad scientist excited whenever it appears.


Coin values in Mad Scientist range anywhere from 0.02 to 0.50. Wagers of 5 credits per payline for up to 20 paylines and get a maximum of 100 credits. It should be mentioned that Mad Scientist is only profitable when players place a maximum bet.


Like other top games that have been developed by BetSoft, Mad Scientist features an extremely user-friendly interface. All the buttons for bets per line, and coin value, even the paylines are clearly marked on the player’s screen. If you’re a sci-fi junkie and like big payouts, this game is for you!

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