Mad Scientist  slot Tutorial - must read before play for real money

He’s a scientist, he’s a bit of an odd-ball, and his practices are questionable! The Mad Scientist slot game is where you get to work with the Mad Scientist to create gold “FOR SCIENCE” what else! An expert in MAD-ology, the Mad Scientist has only one gold, and only you can help him achieve it. Pair up as many icons as you can to make gold, get as many credits as you can, and take home the spoils. If you’re not sure how to do that then here’s a how-to guide that should help you understand the game play of Mad Scientist and get you off to a good start.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Free Practice mode: Yes
  • Gamble: No
  • Max Coins: 100
  • Reels: 5
  • Progressive: No
  • Jackpot: 1000 coins
  • Pay lines: 20
  • Coin Value: $0.02 to $1.00
  • Progressive:   No
  • Bonus Round:   Yes
  • Multipliers:   No
  • Game Symbols:   Atom, Blackboard, Book, Coils, Cup, Danger Sign, Mad Scientist, Microscope, Plasma Ball, Radioactive Symbol, Switch, Tesla Coil, Test Tube, Voltage Generator
  • Scatters:   Test Tube, Switch
  • Wild Symbol: Blackboard   
  • Free Spins:   No



Albert Einstein was a scientist who was ahead of his time. Dr. Walter Prescott is another scientist who is far ahead of his time, the only difference is. He’s a mad scientist. But the good kind of mad!

In the slot game, Mad Scientist, Dr. Prescott has one goal and one goal only, which is to make a formula that can turn normal everyday lab equipment into solid gold. The Mad Scientist now invites players from all parts of the world to join him and create as much gold as you possibly can by playing the Mad Scientist slot game.

The sole purpose of the slot game is to create gold and get rich. On the screen there are reels and on those reels are symbols or icons of everyday inanimate objects which the player needs to pair up to create gold. The formula is surprisingly easy, in fact, you can see it scribbled on a blackboard. This is one of the reasons why the Mad Scientist slot machine game is so popular amongst players. The Mad Scientist game is heavily themed around the concept of mad scientists as one will see with the graphics and overall ambiance of the game. One of the most significant examples of the scientific theme is the fact that the symbols that are used on the reels are mostly laboratory equipment. The Mad Scientist slot game features a selection of icons that all represent various aspects of science. And the fact that you are going to be creating gold in a lab is the biggest factor that makes this one of the most interesting lab-related slot games you have ever played.

Apart from that, one of the most entertaining aspects of the game’s design comes from the mad scientist’s intent itself. Since a player will be sitting down to play and hoping to have a bit of fun. Keeping that in mind, it can be said that the Mad Scientist slot game attempts to turn fun into money, or in other words, fun into gold. This is by far one of the best ways of really investing the player in the Mad Scientist game, and one that the mad scientist is able to pull off pretty well.

The mad scientist is also quite the character. Although being the mad scientist that he is, he remains the player’s sidekick throughout the game and cheers the player along as they match more symbols and make more gold and money. In a way, the mad scientist is going to accompany the player through every step of the way, and will be there through the player’s ups and downs and wins and losses. And then of course you will also get to see the mad scientist mirroring the player’s emotions, which plays a big part in the appeal of the Mad Scientist slot game. You can watch the mad scientist cheering for you and for himself as you help him reach closer to his ultimate goal.

Getting the Symbols Right

When you play this slot game you will find a lot of signs and symbols, and players need to understand all of these signs and symbols if they want to be successful at the game. During game play, one will come across flasks, crystal balls, and even microscopes and test tubes amongst other signs and symbols which hare part of the game. Then there are certain symbols like the danger sign, chalkboard and temperature which can be easily identified, but the chalk board symbol also functions as a joker card, as in, it can be used as a wild card to represent any of the other available symbols.

As most of you may already know, the Mad Scientist slot machine game is a five-reel and 20 pay line, 3D video slot game which brings the player up close and personal to a secret laboratory which is packed with all kinds of laboratory apparatus. The slot game also offers the player with other features such as bonus rounds wilds, instant wins, scatters, mini-games and even free spins. But the graphics that have been used for the symbols is what sets this game apart from the rest and makes Mad Scientist a winner.

The Mad Scientist 3D slot game features around 40 winning combinations, all of which are made up of a variety of symbols like the test tube or switch. These two symbols are called the scatter symbol while others like the black board is used as a wild card or in other words it can substitute any other symbol except for the bonus symbol. Other important symbols are the radioactive elements, voltage generators, microscopes, coils and plasma balls which are the paying symbols.

The Mad Scientist line payouts

Breaking down the Symbols

The following is a breakdown of the various symbols that have been featured in the Mad Scientist slot game.

Wild Symbols:

The blackboard or chalkboard is the wild symbol in Mad Scientist and can be used as a substitute for either one of the other scatter symbols to complete a winning combination.

Scatter Symbols:

The test tube and the switch symbols are the scatter symbols and getting three or more test tube symbols in any position on the reel triggers the Mad Scientist Great Experiment Bonus Round. If the player gets three or more of the switch symbol on the reel in the stop position gets scatter points.


The initial bonus of the game is the Great Experiment Bonus Round which is triggered by getting three or more of the scatter test tube icons on any of the active pay lines. This takes you to the other screen where they are able to pick any four items to do an experiment with. The other bonus feature is the Wild O’ Cution bonus which is activated any time the Tesla Coil symbol whenever it appears on the reels 1 and 5 on the first, second and third paylines. The last bonus is named Bio Pick Me bonus which is activated by getting three or more of the biohazard symbols in any one of the active paylines.

One this that sets Mad Scientist apart from the rest is its spectacular graphics and cinematic quality animation which makes the symbols jump out at you. That coupled with a great soundtrack and you have here a winner when it comes to interactive, interesting and exciting slot machines games. As the 3D reels spin, the players get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the electrical impulses along with the shocks that spread throughout the system, which results in one heck of a gaming experience for the player. Besides that, players of the Mad Scientist slot game also get to enjoy a crisp and smooth playing speed which is addictive.

The Mad Scientist Bonus

Coin Sizes

The coin sizes that are used in the Mad Scientist slot game are $0.02 to $1.00 in value. The value of the bet can be stretched all the way up to $100 per spin, making it the perfect option for those players who enjoy playing on high-roller games or those who just want to maximize their bets.

The Mad Scientist 3D slot game is extremely easy to play once you get an idea of the various signs and symbols that are used along with their values. For instance, the player cannot use a wild symbol to represent any of the bonus symbols. Since there are many bonus and special symbols in Mad Scientist, players need to be aware of the rules that govern them. While as it is with most 3D slot games, there are many bonus symbols, which provide the player with the opportunity to win additional money or spins. Most 3D slot games also offer many bonus symbols with low payout to force the player into playing more. But, in the long run, the house usually wins. This is why there are plenty of special features in Mad Scientist which helps the player stay away from getting into dangerous losses.

Mad Scientist Bonuses

Unlike other online slot games, Mad Scientist features fewer bonus symbols, but they also offer more value in the form of a huge amount of money which can be won by the player if they hit one. This enables players create a customized game plan for their slot game so that when they win they are able to win big!

The Mad Scientist Paylines

Special Features in Mad Scientist

As mentioned earlier, in the Mad Scientist slot game there are 3 special features which provide the players with additional ways at winning bonus credit points while playing. The Wild O’ Cution game is triggered whenever the symbol of the Tesla coil appears in the first and last slot in a line. The two Tesla coils will then shock each other and electrocute the symbols that are in between them, turning those symbols into wild cards, which is usually followed by a big win for the multiple paylines.

Another famous bonus game that BetSoft, the creators of Mad Scientist is known for is the Pick Me feature. In this slot game the player is able to trigger any one of these Pick Me games by getting the biohazard symbols three or more times on the same active payline. The player will then have the option of choosing one of those icons which will then reveal a bonus prize that is rewarded to the player. The prize however will mainly depend on the number of coins the player had used along with the number of paylines that the symbol of the biohazard appeared in. Payouts range from 125 to 550 credits for this bonus feature.

But, the most profitable bonus game in Mad Scientist has got to be the Great Experiment Bonus Round which activates a second screen whenever the player hits three or more of the beaker symbols in the active payline. The rewards can increase two-fold if the player manages to get four or more beaker symbols in the bonus round. Once the game starts, the player will see four symbols that the mad scientist uses to experiment on. The player then gets to pick an item and watch as the mad scientist dips the object into his top secret serum in order to turn it to gold. The object can turn gold, silver or bronze, and the player will be rewarded according to each outcome.

How to Play?

The Mad Scientist slot game is extremely easy to play as compared to other slot games. In fact, its simplicity can easily earn it the title of the most easy to play slot game on the BetSoft portfolio. There are just a few buttons which the player has to use, which has been broken down for you below for better understanding.

  • Bonus Overview– This button provides those who are curious with a peek into their second screen bonus. It’s extremely useful and yet not many slot games have it. So, Mad Scientist is actually ahead of the cure here.
  • View Pays– This is actually a complete guide which offers the players with an explanation of all of the features. This is another great feature to have.
  • Choose Coin – Here you get to select the coin size you want to use in the Mad Scientist slot game when placing your wagers. The coin denomination comes in 0.02/0.05/0.10/0.20 or 0.50.
  • Bet Per Line – Players get to not only select the denomination of the coins that they wish to use but also the amount of coins that they would like to place their wagers on per pay line, which can be anywhere between 1 to 5 coins per line.
  • Select Lines– Here players get to select the amount of lines that they wise to play and place their wager on. It is advised that players place the highest amount possible, which is in this case, 25. This is a good way of increasing your chances of winning.
  • Max Bet– Players can get to wager up to 5 coins per pay-line and they can also make a new spin right away, which is pretty cool! This doesn’t have an impact on the coin’s denomination, so it won’t be considered as your maximum bet, that is, if the player hasn’t chosen the coin denomination of a higher value.
  • Now Spin– Once you have clicked the new settings will star and your game begins.

While there are many good points about Mad Scientist which easily makes it stand out amongst the rest, the only down side is that there is no auto play feature in the Mad Scientist slot game, which is a bit odd for a BetSoft game. Nevertheless, it certainly doesn’t take anything away from the gameplay and overall experience of Mad Scientist.

How Much Can Be Won?

When it comes to winning in Mad Scientist, the highest number a player can hit is 5,000 coins, which roughly equals to around $/£2,500.

Ending Note andsome video

Players can get to use the online version of the Mad Scientist 3D slot game. There are also plenty of third party websites where the game can be easily downloaded from. But, that being said, it is always better to download Mad Scientist from a reliable third party website. If you are not sure of the reliability or authenticity of the website that you are using, browse around till you find a suitable website which you can trust.

The Mad Scientist experience is made up of exciting mini movie bonus rounds, amazing cinematic graphics a solid soundtrack and loads of scatters, wilds, multipliers, free spins and so much more.

The Mad Scientist video slot game is cute and the detailed graphics and 3D atmosphere alone makes Mad Scientist a winner and a slot game that you will be hooked on for months, while you make out the jackpot combos and other little secrets you missed.

With Mad Scientist, you get a refined quality of gameplay not easily found in the slot games of today.