The Mad Scientist Slot Game - Mobile

Now you can Spin to Win on Your Favorite Slot Game while On the Go!

One of the wonders of modern gaming technology is that it has made it possible for game developers to bring even the most sophisticated casino games to a variety of hand held mobile devices. The upshot of all this is that anyone can now enjoy their favorite slot games at any time.

What are Mobile Slot Games?

It is a fact that mobile slot games are the most popular products when it comes to internet gambling games, with an estimated $10 billion being wagered almost every year via various mobile platforms, online slot games take the lion’s share of this market niche. At its core, mobile slot games are similar to the slot games that are available for PCs. The only difference being, a person can play these games where ever they go. All one needs is a good internet connection and a handheld device. These games can either be accessed via a mobile browser or a dedicated app, and users can play a wide range of mobile games on social media platforms such as Facebook as well, which only improves the overall mobile gaming experience.

A few decades ago, playing mobile games meant Tetris on a screen no larger than a postage stamp. There is stark difference between the mobile games back in the day and the games that are being developed for mobile devices today. Today, mobile games and their respective apps are changing the way people play mobile games and especially mobile slot games. Today’s phones have got bigger screens and much better resolutions, along with fast processors, making it possible for gamers to enjoy just about any game on their mobile device.

The ‘Mobile’ Revolution

The mobile gaming industry has been quick to notice the many technological developments that mobile devices are going through, and they’ve wasted no time in developing mobile games for the various smartphones and other handheld devices available out there. From the iOS, Android and other devices such as tablets, mobile slot games are springing up almost every day and it is these devices that are getting first dibbs over laptops and the traditional PC.

So, if you’re sick of always using your smartphone for taking selfies or throwing an angry bird around then its time you used your smartphone for something more enjoyable such as the Mad Scientist mobile slot game. Here’s a quick guide to your options of getting mobile slot games on your mobile devices.

The Mad Scientist auto play

A Pocket Full Of Dynamite

The smartphones of today are absolute powerhouses of mobile games. They are packed with sophisticated graphics cards, multi core processors and huge amounts of RAM and space. That coupled with the trend of hi-res mobile screens basically means that you can keep those wheels spinning in the Mad Scientist slot game all day long without getting tired or bored. Since mobile devices have gotten more and more impressive it is no surprise that mobile gaming developers have created online casino games, which also include unique and interesting slot games such as the Mad Scientist mobile slot game, which anybody can access quite easily from any smartphone or other handheld device.

But before you decided to select a mobile slot game you should always review the specifications of the mobile devices before you download the game for maximum performance and getting that overall great mobile gaming experience.

Apart from having to make the choice between the downloadable versions or instant play version of mobile games, the following are some things all mobile gamers should keep in mind.


The slot games which are powered by Google’s famous Android operating system have to be installed separately via an Android package or apk file, since Google doesn’t allow people to download games from Google Play which involves gambling with real money. But once you’ve successfully jumped through those hoops you can get ready to enjoy all the thrills of playing mobile slot games and competing for progressive jackpots right from the comfort of your own phone. This is where the mobile version of the Mad Scientist slot game shines through. The mobile slot game is considered to be one of the best when it comes to mobile games and it has been responsible for creating some very rich players over the years.

It should also be noted that not all Android devices will support the mobile slot games both as an instant play version or a downloadable version. That’s because Android comes in different version so users need to find out whether the mobile slot game they wish to play is supported by their Android device before they download it. That being said, most mobile slot games are supported by the newer versions of Android so there’s nothing to worry about. The best part about playing the mobile version of slot games is that Android allows the players to transfer balances from the main casino to the online mobile casino seamlessly, making it possible for players to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.


Apple’s iOS supports casino games from some of the world’s biggest mobile casino game developers such as Betsoft, Playtech and Microgaming. While gamers can download apps from independent software companies, it is always best to stick to the names you know, especially when it comes to mobile slot games, where you will probably be gambling with real money. Since mobile version of slot games are played on smartphones, they usually do not have the full feature experience as compared to the desktop version of the same slot games. But there are still plenty of mobile slot games that you can play which do offer that full feature experience and then some. One such mobile slot game is the Mad Scientist slot game developed by Betsoft. Since all iOS devices have great graphics and sensitive touch screens, players are able to play mobile slot games and enjoy spinning the wheel, progressive jackpots, video bonus games and 3D slot games as well. All on your cool iOS device!

Windows Phone

It’s no surprise that slot games are the most popular games that are played on Windows powered smartphones and tablets. That’s because the vivid color display, coupled with the hi-tech hardware and interesting gaming features of mobile slot games make them the ideal pass time for hardcore casino enthusiasts and those who enjoy playing mobile slot games.


The mobile casino environment is also supported by BlackBerry with new app-based casino games being developed for the BlackBerry operating system.

iPad and Android Tabs

For those who own an iPad or an Android tablet or Note, there is even better gaming experience for those who love to play slot games. This is due to the larger screens of tablet devices which only adds to the levels of entertainment and excitement while playing online casino games. The large screens actually make tablets the ideal device to play slot machine games in while on the go, and especially if one wants to take advantage of any additional features or bonus games within the slot game itself.


Those who use the Kindle Fire by Amazon also get a chance to play their favorite slot games like the Mad Scientist mobile version slot game for free. Gamers can easily download the slot game, follow the instructions and install the game on their Kindle devices, and enjoy hours of spinning.


Smartwatches have hit the scene hard and more and more online gaming companies are moving to cash in on this relatively new market niche. Some of the latest in smartwatch tech is being released by the likes of Apple with their famous Apple Watch and Samsung’s Gear. While there are only a few slot games available on smartwatches at the moment that is all soon going to change with new casino game developers throwing their hats in the race. So, get ready for a one of a kind Mad Scientist experience on your smartwatch.

Software Compatibility and Requirements

Needless to say, one of the first things gamers need to do is check the hardware and software specifications of both the casino game and their phone or other handheld device. The iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry powered smartphones are all compatible with the Mad Scientist game. The mobile game such as Mad Scientist requires the iOS powered device to be running on the version iOS3 or more for compatibility, which means that iOS powered devices that work on a later version should work fine.

How to Use Mobile Casino Slot Apps?

Online casino games give the players the opportunity to download the software before they can actually play the game on their device. There are also some casino game companies that offer Flash based games which allow the players to play directly on their browsers without having the need to download the game app. The good news for mobile slot gamers is that after you have made the choice between playing directly on the browser or installing the app you will get to enjoy the experience of seamless slot machine gaming right on your mobile devices.

While playing the Mad Scientist slot game on your smartphone you will notice various play options from which you can select from. For instance, there is an option on the mobile version of Mad Scientist where the player is able to either lower their bet or increase their bet, or re-bet. The mobile version of the Mad Scientist slot game also features an auto play feature as well. But, you do need to determine the amount of money you want to bet and the number of paylines. Once you have done that all you have to do is touch the spin button on the smartphone’s screen and wait for the exciting outcome.

Playing for Real Money on the Mobile Version of a Casino Games

Before a player can play with real money on the mobile slot game they need to fund their mobile casino’s account. Some of the examples of deposit methods which are acceptable for mobile slot games are credit cards, debit cards, Bank Wire, NETeller and various other cell phone payment methods. After you have made the deposit, you can begin to play the mobile version of the Mad Scientist slot game and win real money.

In order to withdraw any winnings, all you have to do is use the same methods as you did while making the deposits. The game also offers various bonus deposits to the players too, so that you get the most out of the Mad Scientist slot mobile gaming experience. Using these bonuses, players are able to play more and win risk free money. Now, isn’t that great!

How to Play Slots for Free On Mobile

The free mobile playing experience can take place in any one of the two instances. First, players can register to play with their free accounts. There are also some games which offer free welcome bonuses just to get the player started. Second, for those who want to play for free on their smartphone, all they have to do is register for the free casino account and get started. This is a great way to learn more about the game and find out of ways to increase your chances of winning without having to lose any cash. Also, using the free version will enable you to get a hang of the various touchscreen controls in the Mad Scientist mobile slot game.

The Pros of Playing Mobile Slot Games

Playing mobile slot games such as Mad Scientist offers many advantages. First of all, they are extremely convenient for the player who does not have to physically go to Las Vegas or a casino in their city. Players of online slot machine games can get to access their favorite games from anywhere they want and enjoy the same thrilling experience of the real thing. The other reason why more and more people are moving towards mobile slot gaming is because it allows you to select from a wide and diverse pool of casino games from some of the biggest and best casino game developers in the world. Some of the bonus features that players can take advantage of while playing mobile slot games are first deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, reload bonuses and VIP program bonuses.

Thanks to mobile technology, there is no limit to success when it comes to the online casino gaming industry, which is only going to get better and easier with time. The whole point behind developing mobile casino games such as Mad Scientist is that more and more gamers now prefer to play their favorite slot game in the comfort of their home. It is without a doubt that playing at your home in complete silence as compared to playing amongst screaming gamers at a casino is the best way to go. It not only enables you to concentrate more on your decision, but enables you to make better choices without having to deal with any noise or other factors that may break your concentration while playing the slots. Playing this way improves your skill and over a period of time, and with practice you will find yourself playing like a pro, and winning like one too.

Game Availability

Another benefit f playing the mobile version of a casino game is that you don’t need to wait your turn to get on a slot. This is one of those odd problems which are very frustrating for players. On the other hand, using mobile versions of a casino game means that it doesn’t really matter who many people are playing the same game at the same time. You don’t have to wait for anybody to finish playing to get your turn, which means you always get to play your slot, no matter how busy the casino.

Choice of Games

There another reason why people find the mobile version of slot games more appealing and that’s because you always have a choice of where you want to play, in the living room, in bed or in the kitchen, or even in the bathroom. The mobile version of the Mad Scientist slot game makes it easier for you to play your favorite game no matter where you are.

Flexible Stakes

Like most mobile slot games, you get to choose how much you want to put at stake before you make the reels spin. This makes it easier for you to play at a level that suits you financially. The stakes vary and can range anywhere from as low as a few cents per spin to a few hundred dollars depending on your pocket and your mood. While the land based casinos also offer a huge variety of varying stakes you can bet on, the world of mobile slot machines offer an even larger variety that you can take advantage of.

Bonuses and Rewards

Another factor that is incredibly appealing to players who enjoy mobile slot games is the extra value they are able to get in the form of bonuses and rewards. Most online casino games offer their new players with a bonus right off the bat, when they sign up or make their first deposit, and these deposits are more often than not quite generous. The bonuses are offered to the players as an incentive which works by encouraging them to sign up or take more chances in the slots to increase their winnings.

There are many slot games out there that also give out additional bonuses and rewards that are based on who much you play the game or how much you bet while playing the slots. These bonuses in the Mad Scientist slot game comes in the form of free spins, straight cash or extra credit to play more. All this coupled with the sign up bonus that players receive initially, means that you have a great chance at winning in the Mad Scientist slot game.

While the bonuses and rewards are a good thing for the player since it not only encourages them to play more, but also increases their chances of winning, it is also important to point out that all of these bonuses and rewards which come along with the slot game come with their own set of terms and conditions. Sometimes this will mean having to wager a small amount of money before you can avail these bonus features, or make any withdrawals on the money you have one as a result of these bonuses or rewards. That being said, this is in no way to be considered a deal break. In fact, the bonuses and rewards that are featured in the games a very much a part of the advantage that players often look for in online gambling games. But, one should always read the terms and conditions before playing any slot game if one is unsure of the rules and regulations that have been determined by the game developers.