How to Get Free Spins

Nothing beats getting a freebie. They’re always exciting, just like receiving a compliment or a present. Do you want to know what gets players exciting when it comes to online casino games? Well, free slot games with free spins of course. Yes, it’s hard to deny that free spins are the freebies that every person who plays online slot games loves to get, and for good reason, because it creates a win-win situation for them, the players. I you are not familiar with online slot games and have not heard of the free spins feature that almost all of the online slot games offer their players, then you might want to stick around and read through the following in order to get a good idea of what free spins are, and how these free spins can benefit you while playing slot games online.

The free spins bonus feature is included in a lot of free slot games, from three-reelers to five-reelers, and from multi paylines to even slot games that have no paylines. Whether the online slot game features a romantic theme or is adventure packed, and whether the game is ultra modern or old school, the one thing that most online slot machine games have in common is the bonus feature of free spins.

The fact is that getting the free spins bonus during the course of a game can mean big wins for the player, which is one of the main reasons why the free spins bonus is one of the most sought after bonus that is featured in online casino games today, and especially in online slot games. Getting a free spin bonus during a games means that the player gets an extra way of winning more credits. This is usually done by getting a combination of scatter symbols. The free spins bonus usually means that the player will not have to make a bet before spinning the reel, but will win whatever the result is of spinning the reel when using the free spins bonus. And the best part is that the free spins bonus feature is automatically set to the maximum amount on most online slot games and in the Mad Scientist slot game as well. This enables the player to nearly double their wins without having to make a bet before hitting the spin button on the screen.

Apart from the wins staying with you after playing the round just like with real money, players also get the chance of getting other perks as well, such as whole wild reels or double wilds as opportunities to increase their wins even further. While the amount of games that you will get to play for free differ from slot to slot, and also depends on the number of scatter symbols you get in the combo, it usually starts off at 8 and can go all the way up to as much as a hundred on some of the more generous slot games, such as the Mad Scientist slot game.

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The free spins feature that the Mad Scientist slot game offers its users is great for both first time players and the more seasoned gamblers who are familiar with the format, which makes it an exciting choice for all types of players. The logical and incredibly easy to follow structure is what makes the Mad Scientist slot game so popular amongst players who love the thrill that comes along with playing an amazing slot game you won’t find any place else.

What Are Free Spins?

Coming back to the question of “what are free spins?” Well, free spins or “bonus spins” as some people call it, allows players to win big on real money online slot games without having to risk any of their own money. All the winnings that one gets by using the free spins bonus feature comes in the form of real money. But, that being said, they are also often times subject to the particular wagering requirements before the amount can be withdrawn by the player.

There is a good reason why the free spins bonus feature has soared in popularity. The feature allows the players to sample the slot game, while they minimize the risk of the players who can get a feel of the game, and the perks without having to risk any of their money early on. Since online slot games are known to have a high house edge, the free slots feature offers the players a kind of even playing field so that they can win, and win big! This is the reason why the free spins bonus feature is now more common place in online slot games than no deposit bonuses that allow players to have a taste of casino table games.

Terms and Conditions of the Free Spins Bonus Feature:

While free spins are a great way for players to increase their wins and are a big part of almost all online slot games, they do come with their own set of terms and conditions that differ from slot to slot. The following are some of the more frequent rules that appear in online slot machine games;

  • Wagering requirements: This means that any winnings that are derived by using the free spins bonus feature are subject to play through before the player can withdraw them, which can be anywhere between 1x to 100x.
  • Time limit:most online casinos stipulate that the player has to complete their free spins within a certain time frame in order to be eligible for their winnings.
  • Maximum withdrawal: Rather than wagering requirement, the online casino could also simply enforce a maximum cash out of the winnings that have been derived out of the free spins. Again, this slot varies from slot to slot.

How do Free Spins Work?

There are various ways in which the free spins bonus feature can be triggered. Most commonly, the slot game will launch the free spins bonus feature. Free spins can be triggered in different ways, but the most common of them is when the player gets a line of scatter symbols across the reels. For more information regarding the free spins of a game, players can also check on the paytable to find out of the rules. Sometimes, the player is awarded with free spins after they have played a mini bonus round. Free spins are always played at the same wager that the player bets on, but this rule varies from slot to slot. It is important to note though that as a rule, most free spins are going to be at the same bet in which the free spin feature was triggered. This is why it might be in the player’s best interest to wager the maximum bet to get more free spins. Since the rules and regulations vary, it is important for players to read the terms and conditions before starting to play.

Claiming Free Spins

The following are some of the ways in which players of online slot games can get access to the free spins feature;

First Deposit Offers:

An online casino can also issue free spins as part of a match deposit bonus. This means that the winnings of the player are derived from the free spins via a play-through, which is rarely capped.

No Deposit Offers:

Online casinos games reserve the right to award the player free spins when they register, so they do not need to make a deposit to get access to the free spins bonus. The offers however, either comes along with maximum withdrawal or with a stipulate that the player needs to make a real money deposit before they are able to cash out their winnings.

Loyalty Rewards:

An online casino can also offer the free spins bonus feature to their loyal clients as a way to keeping them engaged and interested in the game. These special offers are usually delivered to their subscribers via email or through SMS. But, this often times requires a certain action on the part of the player, such as liking their Facebook page.

Retriggering to get Free Spins:

A large number of slots also offer an awesome new feature called retriggering free spins in their slot games. What this means is that the player can earn extra free spin bonuses while using their free spins bonus feature in a game. All the player needs to do is line up the special symbols that trigger the free spins bonus feature in a game, and the player is awarded an entirely new set of free spins. Retriggered free spins can also be played ad infinitum, but there are some online slot games that put a cap to the number of retriggering free spins that can be had in a single game.

Getting Free Spins without Retriggering:

Taking a quick look at the paytable of a slot game will get you the information you need on getting free spins without the retriggering option. If the paytable does not mention the feature, then it is likely that the game doesn’t allow it. But, this is in no way a deal breaker, since players still get to take advantage of the many free spins bonus features which are offered in most online slot games. The only difference being, after you get to the last one, you get to see your bonus earnings, before going back to the standard play mode of the slot game.


There are also some online slot games where the player gets to choose the number of free spins they will have during gameplay along with the multipliers. This allows the player to choose the volatility they like. For instance, a player could be offered up to thirty spins with a multiplier of 4x or ten spins with a multiplier of 15x with a higher multiplier available for less spins. Some players also prefer to take a high number of spins since that enhances their chances of retriggering. On the other hand, there are some players who prefer to go for the least spins since it gets them a higher amount of multipliers, therefore increasing their chances of winning. Either way, online slot games such as the Mad Scientist 3D slot game providers the player with many features and options which they can take full advantage of when trying to increase their wins.

Making Each Spin Matter!

Now that you have got a better picture of what the free spins bonus feature does in online slot games, its time you learned the ways in which you can activate these free spins to your advantage.

Building Up Your Bankroll:

As a player of any online slot game you will always have to build up your bankroll. Initially, you are going to build up your bankroll in order to activate the bonus round within a game. This will not only make you more comfortable as a player, but will also enable you to feel more secure while you are playing the Mad Scientist 3D slot game. This also enables you to take liberties at risks to enter the bonus round, since you would not want to lose just for a single bonus game. This is why it is extremely important that you set aside a bankroll so that you can keep up with your journey towards the free spins bonus rounds. Set aside portions of your bankroll as you play which can be used for special rounds. The truth is, you’ll have to bet some and lose some if you want to gain access to the free spins bonus rounds in a game.

This isn’t hard to achieve, all one has to do is take a look at the payline symbol requirements in order to unlock the special bonus rounds. You will need to come up with a strategy of how you plan on getting access to the bonus rounds. In some cases, bonus rounds can be tricky to access, but that shouldn’t be a problem while playing the Mad Scientist slot game. But, still, it is important that you get an idea of how free slot bonus features work before you decide to go gung-ho on any slot game. Once you have taken hold of the free spins bonus round try to learn it and master it. As a player, you cannot afford to let a single opportunity for getting a free spins bonus round slip away, and you are only going to have a limited amount of time to do your magic once you’re in the bonus round. So, it’s important to make it matter.

Think About Your Strategy:

Once in a free spins bonus round its important not to go crazy> Bonus rounds are all about fun, but you also need to ask yourself if you are willing to make the sacrifice for getting into a bonus round?

Sure the bonus rounds can give you an opportunity to win big, but it is also important not to lose yourself in trying to get to the bonus round by undermining the other features offered in a slot game. It doesn’t really matter how many hours you have learnt to get into the free spins bonus round, it is always going to take time. If you’re lucky enough, it will present itself within the first few minutes of gameplay, if not, it could take hours. This is why persistence is important while playing online slot games. The never quit attitude is what you are going to need in order to succeed in getting to those free bonus rounds in the slot game. Stick to it and you should get it soon enough!

Parting Words

So, this about wraps up the guide to getting access to free spins in the Mad Scientist slot game, or any other slot game for that matter. As you can see that there are several benefits of playing online slot machine games, and the free spins bonus round feature is just one of the them. The free spins feature in slot games allows the player to increase their winnings by giving them the opportunity in the form of a mini bonus game within the game itself. The free spins feature also adds more value to the slot game, making it more interesting for the player. And while it can be difficult to get to the free spins bonus rounds at first, the fact is that the these bonus rounds allows the players to win…and win big!

Getting to the free spins bonus rounds in a game also shows the player’s dedication to the online slot game, something which is admirable to say the least, since gambling online isn’t child’s play. The bottom line is that getting to the bonus round can make you win big while playing the slots online, which is why they should never be underestimated. Those players who want to succeed at playing and winning online slot games need to keep their focus on getting to the bonus rounds that are featured in the slot game in order to turn their dream into a reality. You will see just how worth it playing the free spins bonus round is once you start playing.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started, get betting, get spinning and get winning!


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