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Make the World a Better Place…One Mad Scientist at a Time!


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He performs nutty tests in his secret laboratory and rewards gamblers who are fortunate enough to help him strike the right formula to make gold. We guess this is the main reason why everybody calls him the mad scientist!

The mad scientist is an inventor that has world domination on his mind. But, for now, he’s focusing on getting enough gold to spin his evil plans to action. This is why, he needs your help to create all the gold you can and get handsomely rewarded as well.

Playing Mad Scientist

Free slot demo games can be played by anybody who is interested regardless of where they live. But, only as long as the player is connected to the internet and does not wish to bet any real money. The Mad Scientist slot game allows players to play the free demo version freely 24/7, no strings attached. The demo version of this game gives players the opportunity to get an experience of playing the game and helps them decide whether or not they would want to purchase it.

Mad Scientist slot is a brilliant and extremely exciting slot game that is easily available on all mobile devices. It can also be played online. What sets this slot machine game apart from the rest is that players have the chance of easily locking into as an abundance of excellent bonus features as they like in the game. The Mad Scientist slot game also features an incredibly interactive fun theme which is unlike any other slot machine game you’ve ever seen (and that’s a promise!). Because of all these features it’s a great idea to lose yourself in the world of the Mad Scientist as you figure out ways of making more gold and scoring big. If you love to gamble, this is without a doubt, the right slot machine game for you!

The Mad Scientist Select Lines

Mad Scientist Slot Machine Bonus Features

As the name implies, the theme of Mad Scientist can be described as eccentric and wacky. Our Mad Scientist is surrounded by lots of interesting laboratory items. That coupled with the weird imagery and lighting makes Mad Scientist the perfect slot game to get lost in for hours on end.

Game play is nice and smooth, which makes the Mad Scientist slot game one of the very best choices players can make when choosing a new slot game. If you happen to be looking for a great slot machine game to try your luck out on, and one that offers its players an abundance of ways for winning, then the Mad Scientist slot should be right up your alley. The key is to make the most of as many bonus features as you can, which only increases your chances at winning…and winning big.

When it comes to slot games there are many options available, but none of them offer the sheer excitement than the Mad Scientist slot game which is one of the major reasons why more and more hardcore gamblers are opting to download Mad Scientist over any other slot game. This is the type of slot game that allows its players to win and win big quite easily, but not too easily (where’s the fun in that right!). While playing the game, players get to enjoy highly interactive bonus rounds which feature mini games that are loads of fun. But, the best part about Mad Scientist is that each pull of the lever is filled with the kind of excitement you simply won’t find in any other slot game. You get to match for wins, and the more you match, the more you win!

Scatter Wins

In the Mad Scientist slot machine game one of the first bonus features that players will notice is that this game features a wide array of winning opportunities that are scattered throughout gameplay, literally making every second of playing Mad Scientist worth your while. Scattered wins makes it incredibly easy for players to actually win while playing Mad Scientist. For instance, match three or more icons that appear on the screen and you can win a specified amount easily. The amount one can win in these scattered wins solely depends on the kind of images that the player has matched along with how much the player is betting when one spins the reels. We offer our players the opportunity to get in the spin of things by downloading the trail version of the Mad Scientist slot game first before they actually buy it.

To increase your chances of getting more opportunities and winning the scatter wins the player need to play as many lines as you can and bet more of their credits while spinning the reel. Instead of playing just one or two lines at a time, the game allows players to play multiple lines at once, and this works to the player’s advantage as it increases their chances of getting scatter wins, along with the amount which they are winning.

Bonus Rounds

Some players of Mad Scientist might already be aware of the bonus rounds that are available in this slot game. The reason why these bonus rounds have been added to the game is because when it comes to slot machine games, bonus rounds are always expected. While there are other slot games which include bonus rounds as part of their game play, what makes Mad Scientist bonus rounds especially unique is that the bonus rounds in this game can be compared to a mini game. So, players find themselves being in a mini bonus round which will allow the player to get up close and personal with the slot game. In the bonus rounds, the players get to choose the vials or jars to see what is inside them. As far as game play is concerned, reaching any one of the bonus rounds in Mad Scientist gives the players the ability to boost their chances of winning two-fold.

Getting locked in the bonus round in Mad Scientist will require the player to match any three of the bonus icons on their screen. Similar to scatter wins, players can increase their chances of winning by playing more lines than one. If you’re wondering about winning, how much you can win depends on how much you play the bonus rounds, it all depends on the amount of money that you bet.

Bet big and the sky’s the limit!


What makes the Mad Scientist slot unique is that it has a very progressive jackpot for high roller players. Winning this unique jackpot means players need to match a series of icons and bet on as many lines as they can to increase their chances of winning. The jackpots available in Mad Scientist are great since they allow the players to win hundreds if not thousands of credits with just a single spin. And the fact that players can actually win that much is what makes Mad Scientist such an interesting slot game for many online gamblers.

The jackpots that are featured in Mad Scientist are progressive which means that you can only go one way, and that is up. The more you choose to play and use your credits, the better your chances of winning. Players do not really need to worry since they can win big with the scatter wins and bonus rounds as well.

The Mad Scientist Slot is a 30-line, 5-reel slot game which offers its players with great bonuses and other features you simply cannot resist, along with a super cool theme that will have you hooked from the get go!

The Mad Scientist Slot has many features which include:

  • The Wild-Cution bonus symbol on the left and right - Most reel shocks an entire line into WILD symbols.
  • The Scatter symbol awards players with up to 250 credits.
  • There is also an exciting second-screen bonus round where players can win credits with a Science Experiment!
  • Click the Me-on-reels bonus symbol that awards players up to 550 credits instantly.

You might be lucky enough to win a lot of money today, so DOWNLOAD THE TRIAL VERSION and try your luck with the Mad Scientist Slot today!